The best 5 Customer engagement strategies to try in 2022


Customer engagement is a pathway to securing major rewards, be it striking recommendations or a long-standing loyal customer base. Customer engagement is one of the biggest contributing factors to a successful and prosperous business. In an ever-evolving era of social media marketing, the word ‘engagement’ gets used just for the sake of being used. However, few brands and businesses essentially know the ways to achieve it. The precise and apt customer engagement strategies can have an immense effect on one’s business outcomes. These well-planned strategies result in a better customer experience, and higher customer retention rates and eventually lead to attracting more potential customers.

What is Customer Engagement?

Customer Engagement refers to the approach taken by a business to build a healthy relationship with its client base. It is all about making use of each customer interaction as a chance to build trust, boost loyalty and deliver remarkable customer experiences.

Numerous studies have verified that customer engagement is nonetheless a game-changer for any business.

A customer engagement strategy is a plan to attract the attention of prevailing clientele and validate that they have the top experience possible when interacting with your brand throughout their journey.

Why is Customer Engagement important?

According to Forbes, 84% of companies that work towards improving their customer experience and engagement strategies report an increase in their revenue. A brand’s customer wants to feel like they matter to the brand. 73% of people say customer experience is a top determining factor when it comes to purchasing from a business. Thus implying that customer engagement should be a priority if you want to attract and retain your audience.

Customer engagement is one of the biggest factors that contribute to the success of your business. Customer engagement through social media is more than just giveaways, paid ads, and regular postings. It is about understanding your audience and engaging them in ways that make your brand stand from the rest.

The pandemic and succeeding worldwide lockdown have had an immense effect on businesses. There is a dire need for brands to connect with consumers and replan their engagement strategies. Here are some tips to help you make customers commit to you in 2022:

1.     Start an online community: The lockdown has intensified the potential of online channels. A growing number of consumers have started shopping from their phones and electronic devices in 2022. For staying appropriate, sprightly, and receptive, businesses need to communicate an accurate message through the right platform. A strong omnichannel social media presence is highly valuable and so starting an online community is the perfect opportunity to have deeper conversations with your target audience and build a fun place for your customers to spend time. Building customer relationships is often easier in this more casual, relaxed environment, so you can truly get to know your customers on an individual level. 

2.     Create a resource center: In modern times, customers feel comfortable with self-service alternatives throughout their journey. It is necessary to build a resource center to empower your clients and save your team’s valuable time as well. Build a resource center infused with constructive content helping people take action, discover attributes, solve problems, and learn something new. Not only does this give your business a chance to show off the best of your product or service, but it’s a smart way to drive customer engagement too. 

3.    Host virtual events: Virtual events are one of the finest ways to build on customer engagement. Building relationships with clients can happen over email and support tickets, but real-time interaction goes a long way in establishing and strengthening a bond. In the last few years, virtual events have really gained impetus. This means that a business needs to do more than before to stand out and create an impressive experience for its customers.

4.     Add a chatbot to the business website: Adding a chatbot to your business website is a great way to engage with your customers on a regular basis. It is very easy to develop a chatbot workflow that gives the feel of an actual conversation with another person. It is crucial to use technological advancements to build a new way for your customers and prospects to ask questions, find the apt content and get the necessary information.

5.     Create personalized offers using customer data: As a business, try to make use of the customer data held by you to create individual, personalized and distinctive experiences, offers, and promotions. Utilize data from customer surveys, quizzes, polls, etc. to know who your customers are, their likes, their shopping patterns, and their needs. With this data, you can then create unique experiences and upsell opportunities that surprise, delight, and motivate your customers to take action.


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