What You Need to Know About Instagram 2022!

Instagram is firing on all cylinders as it prepares for 2022!

For years, Instagram was seen as Facebook's little sister, useful for millennials and Gen Z'ers to post photos but not a substantial cash source for the publicly listed Facebook.

With the introduction of additional Instagram features in recent years, such as the 'Shop' function and 'Stories,' Instagram began not just producing cash, but also overtaking Facebook in revenue growth.

Instagram will have over 2 billion monthly active users by 2021. (MAUs). Facebook now has 2.91 million active users. And, although Facebook's income is forecast to expand by 18 percent in 2022, Instagram's revenue is expected to climb by 30 percent during the same period, reaching more than $17 billion.

So, what else is going on at Instagram that gives it such a strong position in the social media industry?

A New Instagram Focus in the Meta Universe

With Facebook changing its name to Meta and adopting a metaverse future, Instagram, along with Oculus VR, WhatsApp, and Onavo, is establishing itself as a crucial component in the wider metaverse agenda.

Instagram will evolve from a photo sharing app to a video app that is incorporated into the metaverse by 2022.

Beginning with 'Stories' and progressing to 'Reels,' we see Instagram shifting away from photo sharing and toward video, which, according to Mark Zuckerberg, "is the top driver to engagement growth." In 2022, the site will focus only on entertainment, creators, and shopping in order to fight directly with its two primary competitors, TikTok and YouTube.

Expect the platform to evolve from a'square photo-sharing app' to a mobile-first, immersive, full-screen video experience that fits in well with the broader Facebook/Meta business model.

‘Reels’ is TikTok for Instagram 2022

'Reels' was released more over a year ago, but its popularity has skyrocketed in the last three to six months. We've discussed Reels' role in the larger Facebook Metaverse business model and the Instagram social media marketing strategy, but what precisely is Reels?

Reels, which began as a rival to TikTok, are 15-second films designed to entertain and engage users. Reels, like Instagram's photo editing options, offers some amazing effects and creative tools that make them simple to construct and incredibly fascinating.

Instagram 2022 will also see the launch of 'Reel Replies,' which will allow users to respond to comments on their feed with a 15-second Reel video clip – an ideal approach for a company to answer product inquiries or concerns.

Instagram is committed to make it as simple as possible for creators to utilise their platform and create high-quality content that can be shared privately or publicly.

Furthermore, Reels"snackable content' is ideal for influencer marketing chances when brands or services provide aesthetically appealing material. And if you haven't seen them before, they're rather captivating — one after the other.

Instagram 2022 is Exploring Buying and Selling Cryptocurrency

While they may not be able to compete with Ethereum anytime soon, Instagram is actively exploring the idea of becoming a destination to buy and sell non-fungible tokens (NFTs) — digital assets stored on a blockchain — which fits in nicely with the overall Meta business plan and their Horizons World metaverse platform on Oculus VR.

Watch for Instagram to increase its presence in the NFT market as part of Meta's ambition to control the virtual metaverse in 2022, since metaverse opportunities appear to be expanding.

Instagram is Testing 3 New Feed Order Options

Since its debut in 2016, Instagram's algorithmically produced feed layout has been highly panned.

Instagram updated users' streams with AI-generated tailored feeds depending on that user's activities. It turns out that not everyone wants to see an adjusted feed, but rather their own chronological feed based on their individual followers and interests.

Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri revealed testing on a new form of Instagram feed or timeline with three different feed options to start off the new year.

Instagram will provide three ways to read your news feed and, eventually, modify your whole Instagram experience in the hopes of making everyone happy (a difficult task under the best of circumstances):

Home — the same as the current feed option, where Instagram's algorithm presents material rated by your watching behaviour, with viewing suggestions and adverts filtered throughout.

Favorites Is a curating tool that will allow Instagram 2022 users to create a specific set of profiles to follow.

Following – Instagram describes this as a "no-nonsense chronological feed" based on your list of followers. While there will still be advertisements, your content will contain all of the 'follows' you haven't seen in a while.

It's simple to select your feed type if you're a part of the early testing. Tap on the top left hand corner logo to bring up a drop down box where you can pick the sort of feed you want. It's simple to switch back and forth. Remember that it isn't sticky (at least on the beta version). You must make a selection each time you come.

The functionality may not be available until the summer for the rest of us.

If Facebook follows suit, they may be able to reclaim some of the younger users who have either left the site or delayed signing up during the previous several years.

Growing Focus on Creators and Influencers

Instagram is 100 percent focused on beloved creators and influencers, with a hashtag — #sponcon — to stimulate engagement.

In fact, you may establish a new Instagram Creator Account with specific analytics, direct messaging features, and configurable labels to enhance your content creation functionality.

Consumers today demand hyper-personalized content and an experience that seems like it speaks directly to them. Instagram Creator Accounts allow you to create a more personalised one-on-one consumer experience while marketing your product or service.

In 2022, it will be vital to integrate content marketing that capitalises on video communications, such as Reels and Stories, in your marketing plan.

Profile Embed to Cross Promote Your Content

Instagram stated in early 2022 that you would be able to integrate your public Instagram profile on websites such as Twitter. The profile would show your most recent six posts and would connect straight to your Instagram feed. That implies images, reels, carousels, and movies would be available on third-party websites, expanding the number of ways to exchange digital information.

Instagram is expecting that the new profile embed option will increase the number of creators on their platform. However, it remains to be seen if websites will wish to direct their viewers to someone else's Instagram account.

Trying to Address Parental Control Issues in Instagram 2022

Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri has recently spent time on Capitol Hill testifying in congressional hearings on parental supervision on social media networks.

His suggested solutions:

An "industry organisation" to develop best practises for parental controls and data streams for children.

Developing universal standards and safeguards for all social media sites.

Instagram is introducing a new tool called 'Take a Break,' which allows parents to suspend usage. This new option allows parents additional control over their children's Instagram usage and content.

While many senators believed it was too little, too late, the 'Take a Break' function on Instagram has proven popular and has passed past the beta phase.

How to Leverage New Instagram Features for Your 2022 Digital Marketing Needs

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