Top 10 LinkedIn Profile Optimization Tips for 2022

Let's face it: organic reach on Instagram and Facebook has been declining. This might be attributed to a variety of factors. Some of these causes are as follows:

  1. To favour paid content/advertising 
  2. It is highly competitive as there are lots of users generating similar content.
Nonetheless, professional social networking, namely the most popular site, LinkedIn, is performing well in terms of organic reach/engagement for members. As a result, it must be a component of your marketing plan in 2022!

With that out of the way, let's get into the Top 10 recommendations for leveraging LinkedIn in your digital marketing plan, whether for personal branding or creating brand recognition for your business!

1. Optimize your headline & description

One of the most significant aspects of your LinkedIn profile is its title and description. It is similar to SEO for your profile. Always make sure that your profile's title and description are loaded with relevant and targeted keywords. Google search indexes and ranks you based on these keywords.

2. Avoid posting links
Post only text updates that do not include URLs that go away from LinkedIn. When it understands that your audience will not have to leave the platform to access the material, its algorithm gives higher reach. If the URL is really necessary for the post, you might try putting it as the first comment on your post.

3. Tag people & use relevant hashtags

Apply this strategy to all of your posts if you want to enhance organic reach or target readers that are looking for certain themes. Also, bear in mind that professional hashtags perform better on LinkedIn than funny/trending hashtags on Facebook/Instagram.

Make sure the folks you're tagging interact with your material in some way. If they don't, LinkedIn's algorithm may consider your message to be spam and reduce your reach.

4. Start writing articles

Publishing relevant articles on LinkedIn is an effective approach to reach out to your target audience and create leads. When you submit an article on Linkedin, it also alerts some of your followers.

5. Best time to post

LinkedIn is a professional social network that is frequently used by recruiters, salespeople, and company owners. The optimum times to publish are between 10 a.m. and 11 a.m. Weekdays are the greatest days to publish on LinkedIn for interaction and exposure, while weekends and after work hours are the worst.

6. Comment/Engage with content relevant to your industry

When 'User A' comments on a post authored by 'User B,' this action is visible to both users' followers, which helps you get more eyes on your work and earn prospective followers.

7. Use native videos

This implies that instead of uploading a movie to YouTube and then sharing the link on LinkedIn, you should submit the video file directly to LinkedIn. The ideal video duration is less than three minutes.

8. Personalized message with connection requests

Sending a relevant and unique message with your connection request might boost the likelihood of it being approved. And, unconsciously, the person on the other end may begin to engage with your material as well!

9. Create job postings

If you are recruiting for your company, put a job posting on LinkedIn because many people use it to find work possibilities; this can help you get a lot more inquiries in a shorter period of time.

10. Join engagement pods

That is, you join various groups of people who share your interests. Many of them will interact with your piece as soon as you publish it. LinkedIn's algorithm is plain and easy. The more likes and comments you receive within the first 30 minutes of publishing your content, the greater your reach.
Disclaimer: You are doing this at your own risk. LinkedIn may restrict your profile/page since this is a black-hat method of increasing reach.

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