Tips for SMS and Email: 5 Strategies You Can Use Right Now

What role will SMS and email play in a company's success in 2022? Very.

According to 78 percent of marketers, email is a critical component of a company's success.

And texting is increasingly becoming another avenue for commercial success. In fact, according to a survey conducted in 2021, the majority of marketers reported greater income through SMS campaigns.

If you're seeking for new and unique methods to engage your consumers, personalised email and SMS campaigns may be the answer. They may help you expand subscriber lists and improve the customer experience.

Why Having an SMS and Email Strategy is Important?

Email will be used by an estimated 4.5 billion people by 2024. Email marketing, when done right, may improve traffic to your website, conversions, and income.

What exactly do we mean by "correctly?" We're talking about monitoring trends, utilising cutting-edge technologies, and depending on statistics to optimise your emails for opens and conversions.

SMS is also becoming a more effective mode of communication. Text messages may be utilised for promotion, increasing income, or even providing speedy customer support. In fact, over 60% of customers check their text messages within 1-5 minutes, making them an excellent method to catch people's attention.

SMS has a very high click-through rate of 19.3 percent, which is higher than email, which has a CTR of 4.2 percent, and Facebook advertising, which have a CTR of 0.05 percent.

You may be asking how you can get such a high click-through rate with SMS, converting those openings into conversions and income.

Who Will Benefit from Attending the Webinar?

Marketers who want to acquire insider secrets to improve their email and SMS expertise.

Small company owners that seek assistance in beginning or upgrading their email and SMS campaigns.

Bloggers who desire to increase their subscriber base.

Anyone who wants to boost the click-through and conversion rates of their SMS or email campaigns.

What Businesses Will Benefit from New Email and SMS Tips?

This webinar will assist marketers, small enterprises, e-commerce corporations, and B2B organisations alike. Do you require proof?

  • According to 81 percent of B2B marketers, email is the most significant component of their content marketing activities.
  • Eighty percent of B2C clients read their welcome emails.
  • Finally, according to a Campaign Monitor report, 64% of small businesses use email to communicate with their clients.

SMS has become equally vital for all of these business strategies. Appointment confirmations, sales promotions, customer service, and everything in between are all examples of how it is utilised. If you still need convinced, consider the following:

  • Over the coming year, over 33% of marketers anticipate to prioritise mobile loyalty programmes.
  • Text messages are preferred by 85 percent of clients over phone calls or emails.
  • Sixty-four percent of customers believe that firms that text them appreciate their time and are more progressive.

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