Most Effective Ad Types for Small Businesses

'Smaller businesses' marketing budgets are typically "whatever is left over." This means fewer advertising options, with value and price frequently being the deciding factors. The issue with that approach is that it may miss out on the most effective options, which could generate enough revenue to justify the investment. As a leading digital marketing company, we have compiled a list of the Best Ad Types for Small Businesses.

All of these best ad types have one thing in common: they are all digital. Why limit yourself to digital only? According to statistics, it is the best bet for any size business. The internet is used by nearly 300 million people in the United States alone. When considering reach versus price, digital ads are more cost-effective than other channels. Furthermore, digital ads provide enormous flexibility because you can quickly launch, remove, and update campaigns and ads.

All of these are important reasons for any business, but especially for small businesses. Reach, cost-effectiveness, and adaptability.

Best Ad Types for Smaller Businesses

Google Search Ads: I'm sure some people believe that articles listing Google products so frequently do so because they receive a kickback or some other benefit. There isn't any. Simply put, Google produces some of the best tools in the industry, and Google Search Ads is no exception. Their search advertisements are straightforward. They appear in Google search results, and you only pay when a viewer clicks on the advertisement. With their targeting ability, you are usually able to reach people who are very interested in purchasing goods or services. However, because they are a popular platform, it can become competitive for specific industries and keywords.

Facebook AdsIt makes sense to advertise on one of the internet's largest platforms. There are over two billion monthly active users, which means they visit the platform at least once per month. Even better, each user makes an average of eight visits per day. Realistically, that means you have some people who come once a month and others who come 50 times a day. Fortunately, they have precise targeting thanks to all of the information in the profiles. Their advertisements are also relatively inexpensive.

Amazon Sponsored Ads: Because Amazon is the world's largest retailer, retailers should strongly consider using them for advertising. If your products are already on Amazon, this is a simple way to increase visibility. Sponsored product ads are based on search query keyword results. As a result, your advertisements are directly in front of interested buyers. It is also a good way to increase brand recognition because a company's name is exposed to millions of customers. Finally, they are very inexpensive.

Google Shopping Ads: While many people begin their shopping experience on Amazon, a sizable portion will also conduct a Google search, which results in Google Shopping Ads appearing in the search results. Ads may occasionally include reviews and other interesting information. This ad type has a significant advantage in that leads are usually of high quality because they have a better idea of what to expect from your site.

Google Maps PPC Ads: Google Maps is a good advertising option for small businesses with a physical location that require live customers. This is the only ad type that is useful for brick-and-mortar businesses. When people search for products or services, your company can appear near the top of the local search results. Furthermore, by including a link to your business page, they will be able to learn more about you. Just make sure your business location page is complete!

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that marketing has always been a difficult industry, with smaller businesses facing an uphill battle in comparison to their larger counterparts with larger budgets. The rise of the digital landscape has contributed to a slight levelling of the playing field. Using the best ad types for small businesses, as well as adhering to best practises, can allow the little guy to reclaim some of those customers lost to big business.

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