How Voice Search SEO Will Drive Ecommerce Sales

Who wants to put in a search query when they can just say it? A growing proportion of people believe that voice search is superior to typing out a search query. According to Jupiter Research, voice search will generate $80 billion in income by 2023. That's a substantial chunk of the ecommerce pie you'll want to get your hands on.

What Is Voice Search?

If you haven't already heard, you can now do an internet search using your voice. Simply talk into your device's microphone while using a search engine like Google or a voice assistant feature like Siri, and you'll obtain search results just as you would if you typed in a query. Because it takes less time and energy to run search queries, this has grown in popularity.
Voice search has rapidly increased in popularity in recent years and is projected to skyrocket in the next years. Here are some basic statistics to help you understand the condition of voice search.

Smart speakers like Alexa are expected to surpass the $30 billion mark by 2024.
34 percent of those who do not have a smart voice assistant are considering obtaining one.
By the end of 2020, voice search is expected to account for around 30% of all browser sessions.

Because a rising number of consumers prefer voice search, voice search SEO will become vital to follow if you want to drive more ecommerce sales. In fact, voice search SEO should be a crucial component of any future digital marketing plan.
When consumers discovered they could search for goods using their voice, it spread like wildfire. Smart speakers and digital voice assistants are being used by millions of people. The adoption is very widespread. Voice search is becoming popular among both young and old people.

As you can see, voice search is expected to more than double in the coming years. As a result, keeping voice search SEO in mind will be critical to your company gaining more leads and sales. There’s a significant lot of competition online, so whatever you can do to obtain an edge will help you expand your earnings.

What Makes Voice Search in Ecommerce So Important

By the end of the year, voice searches are expected to account for around half of all internet searches. That's impressive given how new this option is. You can't afford to ignore voice search SEO with these stats and trends. If you do, you will be outperformed by your competition. There is still time to jump in before it's too late to take advantage of that coveted first-mover advantage. This is due to the fact that, surprisingly, most firms do not incorporate voice search SEO into their digital marketing efforts.
By 2022, more than half of all Americans will own a smart speaker. That same year, voice shopping is predicted to surpass $40 billion! Those are very amazing numbers, and they should serve as a wake-up call for you and your company.
We'll now go through how voice search SEO will influence future ecommerce sales. Once you've learned about these, you won't want to wait any longer to optimise your marketing material for voice search.

Personalized Shopping Experience

When someone has a smart speaker, such as Alexa, they are most likely utilising it to convey their consumer preferences. That implies it will be aware of their preferences. These intelligent speakers may provide recommendations based on your interests, resulting in a more customised shopping experience. Personalization increases revenue by around 20% on average for businesses.

Easier to Review

Obtaining client evaluations is extremely beneficial in acting as social proof that others would be convinced by. Customers used to have to write out their reviews. With voice search, this is no longer essential. By recording it, they may simply share their comments. This is considerably quicker and more convenient, and it will result in more reviews, which will inspire others to become paying customers. This hassle-free method of writing evaluations will undoubtedly grow more popular in the future years.

Saves Time

People are pressed for time and have limited attention spans. They also don't want to be typing anything that is lengthier than necessary. Most people type at a rate of 30-35 WPM. A voice search can achieve speeds close to 100 WPM. This makes it much faster than hand typing. There is no need to glance down at a gadget to ensure that a query is typed accurately. This is useful when someone is on the run and can't glance down. In fact, the majority of individuals admit to using voice search while multitasking. Everyone appreciates being able to communicate what they want to discover in a timely and effective manner.

AI-Assisted Smarter Shopping

Artificial intelligence is used in voice search, which can assist reduce the number of searches that give inaccurate results. This is due to voice assistants and smart speakers recording their customers' buying activities and tendencies. AI can give recommendations and reminders to keep consumers making recurrent purchases, allowing firms to continue earning revenue from their past customers.

Wrapping Up

Voice search is only going to get more popular, which is why you should focus more on voice search SEO. People are purchasing online more than ever before, and they prefer to speak their questions rather than write them down. With ecommerce increasing at a breakneck pace and expected to reach $40 billion by 2022, it's past time to master voice search SEO. This will necessitate some changes to your present web material, but it is certainly doable. If you're a brand new business with little to no content, you may start by getting your brand's content optimised for voice search, which can help you rank higher in search results and experience more leads and sales.

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