9 Web Design Trends You Should Implement on Your Website in 2022


Web design is always developing. What design trends might we expect in 2022?

In its most basic form, design is a blueprint or layout that outlines how something will appear and operate. However, design as a whole is far more than that, and it involves imagining the aesthetics, style, and appeal that create attractiveness and attraction.

A well-executed design draws a person in and captivates them, leaving them wanting more.

The same ideas apply when it comes to web page design. You want a website that is useful and responsive, as well as visually appealing. Web design trends in 2022, like design trends in fashion or architecture, continue to adapt in response to changes in taste and style. This year, we witness a mix of technological adaptation and dramatic, eye-catching graphics.

As technology advances, so does the emphasis on design elements that influence usability, sales conversions, and overall user experience. Here are the web design trends for 2022 that we observe throughout the industry.

#1 Design Focused on the Mobile User

The importance of responsive website design is greater than ever! When creating new web sites, web design firms are now laser-focused on mobile responsiveness.

With smartphones accounting for more than half of all Internet traffic, both B2C and B2B firms need their website design services to be responsive from the start. Web pages must be compatible with PCs, tablets, and phones, with minimal lag time or data loss.

Indeed, with over 90% of the worldwide search market since 2010, Google launched two new fundamental web algorithm improvements that precisely assess and rate mobile user experience.

#2 More Color

Design is primarily a visual medium. As a result, it stands to reason that website design is shifting toward more eye-catching strategies, such as the use of colour as a potent tool for communicating brand awareness. Expect to see more colour in 2022, with variations in tone, contrast, tint, and shade.

Color has the ability to have an emotional influence on individuals. More palettes that play with cultural context are on the way. Consider the colour red. Red is associated with increased sensory attention in the Western world, and it is utilised to signify danger. Red, on the other hand, is a hue associated with good fortune, plenty, and prosperity in Eastern cultures.

#3 Increased Optimistic Design

If you look at Headspace, Tumbler, or Fabulous, you will see encouraging, affirming messages that urge you to join. Optimistic design empowers people by conveying signals of confidence and encouragement.

People are eager for optimistic messaging and UX/UI that provides them a sense of power after the previous few years.

#4 Eye-Catching Animation

The usage of animation in design is making it more lively. When done well, animation produces a magical experience that attracts users into a site and encourages them to learn more about a company's product or service.

People respond to movement and interaction to build a feeling of interest about what comes next, whether you use subtle touches like navigation and hover tools or full-fledged creative effects.

#5 Geometric Shapes 

Geometric forms have been popular in recent years, and most are expected to gain traction in 2022, with organisations such as Dropbox, Slack, and others following suit. It makes sense – dramatic forms mixed with eye-catching hues are usually a crowd-pleaser.

#6 Motion Design 

Motion design is being utilised to build emotionally compelling tales in which the user can sit back and watch a storey emerge. This trend is expected to continue until 2022, as firms seek to establish brand ideas that convey a visual storey that attracts their consumers while also being accessible in a mobile format - like Apple's 12 iPhone launch landing page.

#7 Classic Serif Fonts 

Font trends ebb and flow in the design world. Classic serif fonts are reintroducing a feeling of beauty and refinement to many websites in 2022. Consider the fonts Baskerville, Garamond, Georgia, and Palatino. Serif typefaces, with their ornate 'tails,' provide a feeling of elegance and flair that is ideal for many websites.

#8 Muted Colors 

Perhaps we're seeing minor differences in hue with more subdued pastels and earth tones as part of the movement toward kinder, gentler message and positive design. In 2022, we will see many firms embracing this colour trend and abandoning the bright, even gaudy, colours of previous years.

#9 Abstract/Brutalism

Abstract or brutalism design, which incorporates a variety of textures, photographs, collages, and other elements to create an overall look and feel, is one design trend that is sweeping the web these days.

Designers in 2022 are battling with traditional design aesthetics to give a more 'guerilla' appearance to websites with no natural flow or order, and recognised design principles are completely abandoned.

While brutalism design is not new, its use in online design adds a toughness and disregard for convention that prides itself on being anti-WordPress or Squarespace.

Why Update Your Website in 2022?

Your website is your primary means of communicating with the rest of the world. If you haven't updated or enhanced your website in the previous year or two, now is a fantastic opportunity to do so.

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