8 Best Business Social Media Platforms in 2022

When it comes to corporate marketing, social media has become increasingly important. With so many options accessible in 2022, there are two primary questions:

Which social media networks are most suited to my specific business?

How am I going to keep track of them all?

Excellent questions, however more clarity is required. It's critical to understand each of the leading social media sites and who they work best with. For example, if you're an attorney seeking for new clients, where you focus your efforts will be determined by the sort of law you practise.

If you specialise in family law, divorce, or estate planning, Facebook might be a fantastic resource. However, if you practise business law, avoid Facebook in favour of LinkedIn, Medium, and YouTube.

The Best Social Media Platforms for Business

Let's take a look at the eight top social media sites for company to better understand how they may be used for marketing. Then we'll look at how to create a viable approach.

1.  Facebook — Monthly Users:  2.7 billion Worldwide

Facebook, by far, is the granddaddy of them all, with the greatest use rate. The number of active monthly users in the United States in the fourth quarter of 2020 was 258 million. That may appear to be a lot less than the global figure, but keep in mind that there are only 331 million people in total! That's a saturation rate of 78 percent (possibly much higher because the overall number includes small children and members of the Silent Generation - however the 'Silents' are also significant Facebook users).

Every business should have a Facebook page due to its high usage rate. Customers expect to be able to reach you there, as well as for you to reply to their queries or complaints. Facebook is an excellent platform for engaging your audience, advertising products and services, and collecting feedback.

Whether you believe Facebook to be a big component of your marketing plan or only a necessary presence, it still needs careful administration and upkeep, including frequent posting and comment monitoring.

2.  LinkedIn — Monthly Users:  Over 65 million

LinkedIn has established a market for itself among businesses and professionals. It's the best location to meet B2B prospects and possible workers, and it's second to none for creating a professional network.

When it comes to advertising, the LinkedIn platform excels at targeting decision-makers and has a 2X greater engagement rate than other social media networks. LinkedIn allows you to target high-quality consumers and raise awareness for B2B lead generation. If you're unsure whether your product or service will find a market on LinkedIn, try speaking with a brand professional to help you concentrate your marketing strategy.

3.  Instagram — Monthly Users:  Over 1 billion

Instagram, which is owned by Facebook, is the hipper, trendier sister that is required for brand visibility in the B2C industry. Instagram, a terrific area to upload visual material and communicate with consumers, has increased its purchasing features and can now compete on the e-commerce front.

Instagram, which was designed for mobile usage and is driven by hashtags, stories, and often updated content, demands a dedicated commitment and an aggressive posting schedule to succeed. However, because its advertising is linked to Facebook's ad management system, it's a simple transfer if you're already familiar with the sibling company's approach.

4.  Twitter — Daily Active Users: Over 186 million

Things move at breakneck speed in the 'Twitterverse,' and you must be on top of your game if you want to make this fast-paced platform work with many updates each day. Twitter is ideal for sharing links to other types of material, such as upcoming events, new blog articles, or product sites. It's also an excellent component of a social media plan if you want to establish yourself as a thought leader in your field.

Twitter requires you to be succinct — there's a 280-character limit per tweet (increased from 140 characters previously), and it also helps if you're hilarious! One significant advantage is free targeting with "#" and "@," but keep in mind that Twitter is better at driving traffic than purchases.

5.  YouTube — Monthly Users:  Over 2 billion

YouTube is wonderful if you are strong at developing video material such as demos, tutorials, and instructive information that resonates with viewers. It is one of the greatest sources of user-generated content (greater than Instagram, Snapchat, and TikTok). YouTube has developed into a visual library for teaching and learning new things, in addition to amusement.

You, too, can be a YouTube Star with a little imagination and strong camera skills! It's a terrific approach to showcase brand personality and works well in tandem with other social media techniques.

6.  Pinterest — Monthly Users:  400 million active users

Pinterest is the place to go if you want to interact with millennials aged 25 to 45. What was formerly exclusively a female user base has shifted to roughly 40% men and climbing - who would have guessed?

Being successful on Pinterest necessitates constant posting and picture creation (and it can be tough to stand out), but there are low-cost tools meant to increase traffic, and their advertising is less expensive than Twitter or Facebook/Instagram.

7.  Reddit — Monthly Users:  Over 1 billion

Consider Reddit to be more of a market research tool than a location to advertise or engage new consumers. The Reddit community, in reality, has strong rules about self-promotion and advertising. Having said that, Reddit offers a large audience where you may tailor your study to certain subgroups for candid feedback.

8.  Medium — Monthly Users:  Over 153 million

Medium.com, which was founded by one of the co-founders of Twitter, is a site where you may post written articles on any topic you like (a great platform for professionals and tech people). However, unlike a personal blog or a new website, medium.com has a domain authority of 95, which is a search engine ranking number (out of 100) that indicates how likely a site is to rank on search results pages.

That signifies your material has a proven readership and a high chance of becoming viral. To sweeten the deal even further, 95 percent of Medium readers have college degrees, and more than 45 percent make six figures or more. Medium's strength is creating authority and boosting site traffic, rather than advertising.

How Do You Manage an Effective Ongoing Social Media Campaign?

So we've looked at the top social media sites, but how can you maintain a successful social media strategy over time?

First, you must examine two factors:

Social media marketing focuses on the actual generation and distribution of content, videos, visual media, and other forms of media that you wish to employ to reach new and existing clients.

Community management entails interacting with consumers via your preferred social networks, where they will have questions, comments, and conversations (which itself can be a full-time job).

Next, you'll need an efficient method for scheduling and processing the material, posts, and tweets you've created on a consistent basis. There are editorial calendars and social media management tools for this, but a far more effective choice may be a social management software that automates, analyses, and controls your whole strategy, leaving you free to generate content.

To Sum Up

In today's corporate climate, social media marketing is a potent instrument. Choosing the best social media sites is simple if you understand your product or service and your consumer. The more difficult element is developing a constant stream of material relevant to your business and posting it at regular intervals to get effective outcomes.

For both large and small businesses, successful social media efforts need a significant amount of time and resources. The good news is that when done correctly, they have a significant impact.

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