Pallyy 2022 Review: Should You Use This Social Media Tool?

Hello and welcome to our Pallyy review.


Social networking may take up a lot of time. Especially if you lack the necessary instruments.


These difficulties are exacerbated when you maintain many accounts across major social sites.


Pallyy steps forward. A social media tool that may be just what you're looking for to save time managing your social media activities.


Pallyy will be especially handy for those of you who focus on Instagram.


Now let's get started.

What is Pallyy?

Pallyy is a social media planner that works with a variety of social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google My Business. Pallyy, on the other hand, works well with Instagram.


You might even argue that Instagram is its primary emphasis. After all, Share My Insights was the first application that focused only on Instagram statistics.


Aside from statistics, it also includes the following Instagram-specific features: a bespoke reporting dashboard, competition tracking, hashtag research, comment management, and a bio link tool.


Pallyy's three primary characteristics allow you to achieve a variety of objectives.


Click and start using Pally now.

Instagram analytics

Pallyy can give you with all of the Instagram data you want to successfully measure and manage your campaign. You'll have a better sense of what your customers want to see on your Instagram feed thanks to this functionality.


You may even view your whole history. You have the option of viewing how your Instagram account performed from the beginning and how you progressed over time.


You may now share posts that are relevant to the sort of material that consumers are in dire need of.

Pallyy also allows you to automate reports. You may choose to get Instagram analytics information through email on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. We can all agree that manually drafting reports is time-consuming. It no longer has to be that way.


Anyone can use Pallyy to simplify Instagram statistics. The general overview is simple to grasp. Based on the results, you should have no issue devising a plan. As a result, this is an excellent tool for newcomers to internet marketing.

You'll discover your top-performing content, including as videos and carousel articles.


Best of all, you can use the same tool to keep track of your competitors' development. Pallyy offers the same information as other Instagram users. In fact, you may create up to ten accounts simultaneously. You'll be able to check their interaction, likes, posts, follows, and other important data.


You'll have the information you need to find out what works for other accounts in your area and apply it to your own account.


Social media scheduling

If you want to reach every consumer, you must post on a frequent basis. However, if you operate alone or with a small team, it might be tough to find the time and people to create material.


If your social postings begin to dwindle, you may begin to lose visitors. That's bad for business.


The good news is that Pallyy has a scheduler that allows you to automatically publish fresh material. It is possible to accomplish this for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google My Business.

What I like best about Pallyy's scheduling is that you can customize your messages for each social media.


And each network will offer a variety of possibilities. You will be able to add a destination link, for example, to Pinterest. For Instagram, you can include a First Comment as well as a URL that will be updated in your bio link. This is closely related to Pallyy's IG bio link tool, which I'll discuss in a bit.

Pally's scheduler provides a fantastic approach for exchanging visual assets. Upload media, then drag it onto the calendar, and the composer seen above will appear. You may also save time by using hashtag and caption lists.


Is it necessary to delegate social media publication to a team member? That is not an issue. You may grant access to members of your in-house marketing team—or anybody, really—and have them compose and schedule articles on your behalf using Pallyy.

Here's some more exciting news:


Pallyy's bulk picture upload and preset size choices make it easy to plan and schedule postings in minutes. You'll also be able to see all of your postings for the whole month, making it easy to determine whether you've missed any dates.


Instagram bio link

If you're new to Instagram, you'll quickly realize that you can only have one link in your bio. And if you operate a business, you'll definitely need more than one link, especially if you offer many products.


This is where an Instagram Bio Link tool may help.


A landing page where you can combine all of your key links is what an Instagram Bio Link is. As a result, regardless of the device a consumer uses, that individual ends up on the identical product landing page.


Don't you think that's a clever solution?

You may keep providing information about your product or service as long as your followers click on the link in your bio. It doesn't even have to be a link to your e-commerce site. You may include links to your social accounts, blogs, articles, videos, forums, and more.


This type of feature allows you to enhance your sales and site visitors.


Bio links can be customized to be distinctively yours. You may also modify the colours to match your logo. What's more, you can check its stats to see which of the links in your bio link are getting the most attention.

Click and start using Pallyy now.

The Pallyy user interface


We can't write a review without investigating Pallyy's user interface and features, can we?


You'll be relieved to learn that Pallyy has a simple user interface. And you should have no trouble surfing the site.


When you log into your account, you'll be taken right to the calendar, which is located under the Scheduling section. You may add a picture from here, then draught and schedule your social media post.

If you have more than one profile linked, you may switch between them using the drop-down option. You'll also be able to see the social networking platform you're about to post to.

You'll also find the Media Library, Saved Captions, and Saved Hashtags under the Scheduling section. Saving all of these assets makes them easy to utilize when necessary and guarantees that all postings have uniform descriptions and hashtags. It also saves you from having to write the same information repeatedly.



The Analytics section provides a summary of your campaign's progress. It contains all of the data you'll need to determine how many people interact with your account.


It contains information such as your overall likes, comments, and engagement rate. You'll also be able to check how many followers you're gaining on a daily basis. More significantly, you'll discover which content users enjoy the most, as well as how many comments each of these posts receives.

Other relevant data includes the top nations and localities, as well as hashtag popularity. So, if you become well-known in Canada, for example, you may compose pieces with that audience in mind.


It's worth noting that if you don't like the default dashboard, you can always create one that's more tailored to your needs.


There are more subsections worth investigating here: Audience, Posts, Stories, Competitors, and Locations.


These subsections are also worth investigating because they provide an in-depth look at your data.


This is also where you may add the rivals you want Pallyy to monitor. You may add up to ten Instagram accounts.



If you receive a large number of comments, product questions, or personal communications, you may read and respond to each one using the Reply option.


When you have specific tools for reading and writing back to users, it is considerably easier. This is especially true for Pallyy, where you may create and store responses. This is ideal for those of you who answer the same product queries on a regular basis. This function has the potential to save a significant amount of time.


Bio link

You may build a link for your Instagram bio under the Bio Link area. You may customize the theme, style, settings, and included links.


Let me explain if you're unfamiliar with this sort of technology.


An Instagram bio link is a mobile-optimized landing page created just for Instagram. Instead of depending on your single bio link, you add all of your relevant links to this one page. It works amazingly well.

Simply click Add a Button when you're ready to add a link. You may name your button, upload an image, add a title, and input the URL here.


However, it does not have to be a button. It may be a drop-down menu, a social media link, or a link to a YouTube video.


Simply select Insights on the sidebar to get the data for your Instagram Bio. You may even use these data in your Pallyy custom reporting dashboard.



Explore is another Pallyy tool that you might utilize to conduct research. To find out what users publish and share online, you may input a hashtag, a user, or picture tags.

It's the solution for marketers that want to know what hashtags to utilize on their postings.


In Settings, you may form teams (and add members), download (or automate) reports, examine your subscription, and change your basic settings.


This is also where you go to link your various social media accounts.

Other information

Because Instagram scheduling is done directly through Pallyy, there is no requirement for a mobile app. Pallyy's online version is mobile-responsive, allowing you to utilize it while on the go.


What about real-time video scheduling? Pallyy has it as well.


Pallyy feature updates


One of the finest aspects of Pallyy is their commitment to upgrading and releasing new feature upgrades.


Since we initially evaluated the platform, they've made a number of enhancements.


As an example:


Adding Pinterest scheduling support for Instagram grid preview

Overall, their IG bio link function is effective.

Reports that are shareable

These are only a few highlights. In a nutshell, the platform is always improving.


Pallyy pricing

Pallyy provides two distinct layouts.


They provide a generous free package with limited scheduling and analytics access. This plan may be sufficient for your requirements if you only need it for basic purposes.


Their premium plan is available for as little as $15 a month for one social group.


That's all.


For that little fee, you receive everything we discussed. That is what distinguishes it from its competition.


However, if you require 5 or more social groups, you can earn a bulk discount. Pallyy might thus become even more economical if you have a significant number of consumers.

And what else do you want to know? Pallyy's premium package includes an unlimited number of team members. Other social media marketing solutions will only allow other team members to access them for a price. Pallyy, on the other hand, is not like that.


Even dedicated Instagram bio link programs will have monthly restrictions on the amount of clicks. There are no such constraints here.


Isn't that a steal?


Click and start using Pally now.

Pallyy pros and cons


We can't wrap up this evaluation without discussing Pallyy's advantages and disadvantages. While there are many positive aspects to this social media scheduling app, it is far from flawless.


Here is a summary of everything we enjoy about Pallyy as well as some aspects that may be a deal breaker for certain people.


  • Affordability – There's no doubting that Pally is a cost-effective solution at $15 per social group every month. If you're just getting started and your main concentration is on Instagram, you might want to start using Pallyy before moving on to more complex (and pricey) solutions.
  • Clean UX/UI – A clean interface is essential, especially if you're just starting out. It reduces the amount of information and makes it easier to navigate.
  • Visual-first planning — The scheduling procedure is intended to facilitate the exchange of visuals. The workflow is highly efficient, and it features Canva integration for on-the-fly picture design. You also get a list of captions/hashtags.
  • Simple content curation – You may curate information straight into the scheduling tool using the hashtag research tool. This means you'll be able to simply repost material from other Instagram users. However, you should always seek permission and provide acknowledgment to the copyright holder.
  • 14-day trial – A 14-day free trial is available. You do not need to submit your credit card information to do so.
  • Automation – The ability to automate reporting and send it to your email is a significant plus.
  • Bio link — It's wonderful that this platform has a function that allows you to add a bio link to your Instagram profile. Furthermore, you are not required to exhibit Pallyy branding!
  • Excellent for teams – There is no limit to the number of team members.


  • Lacks certain complex scheduling functions – The visual-first approach to scheduling may not be suitable for everyone, and features such as post recycling are missing.
  • Instagram-focused — Other social networks would benefit from analytics and comment management. However, keep in mind that you may schedule posts to other social networks, which is the most significant factor.
  • No white labelling – There doesn't appear to be a white label function, however limitless team members for a very low fee should compensate.


Should you get Pallyy?

Pallyy might be great if you require a low-cost social media scheduling platform that focuses on visual material.


However, many of Pallyy's other features are entirely centered on Instagram. As a result, if you want analytics for other social networks, it may not be the best option.


However, if you want an all-in-one Instagram marketing arsenal, you should absolutely give Pallyy a shot.

It is very cheap, and no other IG tool is as comprehensive. Not at this price, at any rate.


It's also worth noting that no matter how much you spend, you may have an infinite number of team members. Moreover, moving over 5 social groups entitles you to a wholesale discount. The cool thing about this is that the discount scales as the number of social groupings increases.


Finally, it is your opinion that is most important, and the only way to determine whether Pallyy will meet your needs is to take advantage of the free trial and see for yourself.


Click and start using Pallyy now.

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