Is Sprout Social Review 2022 Worth the Money?

If you want your company to thrive in today's competitive environment, you'll need a good social media management solution.


It's not enough to have many social media profiles. You'll need a robust social media plan as well as automation technologies to track every target you need to achieve.


Sprout Social is one of the most effective social networking platforms available today. However, if other Sprout Social reviews are to be trusted, it is not the most affordable choice available.


So here's the question: Is it worthwhile to pay for Sprout Social?


In this Sprout Social review, we'll explain what makes this social networking platform unique and how its features may help your business flourish.


What is Sprout Social?


Sprout Social is a social media management application that does it all. It is intended not just for social media managers and marketers, but also for customer service representatives and social media analysts.


There are four major reasons why you should utilize Sprout Social. Let's go over each one in turn.

Social media engagement

Sprout Social promises to be able to automate and grow your social activity. Simply said, it provides you with the tools you need to monitor and manage your different channels from a one spot.


That's true; you don't have to switch from one social network account to another. You may now have a single mailbox that any member of your team can view.


Imagine having the ability to organize and reply to all of your social media communications from a single screen. Furthermore, you may have team members assist you in responding to every entry in your email. You may even set a job so that you don't end up working on the same items twice.

You also have the opportunity to authorize social media posts if you are the team leader.


You can have a better relationship with your neighborhood because of all of these characteristics. You can reply more quickly and extend your reach.


Social media scheduling

Posting material to all of your social accounts takes time. To make matters worse, you won't be able to prepare your content in a single session if you don't have access to a scheduling tool.


Isn't it easier to set out a day to create and plan material for the full week, or, if you believe you're up for it, the entire month? This will offer you more time to devote to other elements of your organization that require your attention.


You may do so with Sprout Social.


Schedule posts in advance

Sprout Social has publishing features, allowing you to plan material to go live when you need it. You no longer need to log in and out of all of your accounts. You and your team members may plan out content ideas for Facebook and Twitter updates in advance.


There's a single hub where you can see all of the posts that are scheduled to go up each day. Having an overview like this will help you see what is about to go live in the next few days.


Adding new posts is similar to doing it directly on each social networking platform. You may still simply upload multimedia content such as photographs and movies. What's even better is that you can build a content library. That implies you'll have a store of assets to draw from whenever you need to repurpose something.


Schedule at optimal times

Sprout Social can also advise you on the best times to schedule your posts. This manner, you can be certain that your postings will engage your followers to the greatest extent possible.


You must reach out to your target audience when they are most active.


While this is a useful feature, you are not required to utilize it. You may still choose when you want a post to go live. Sprout Social includes analytics reports that give data that you may utilize anyway you see appropriate. When you're on the go, use the mobile app to schedule articles at any time.


Social media analytics

We are all aware of the importance of analytics and reporting tools in internet marketing. You'd have no clue what strategies would work if you didn't have analytics tools.


Fortunately, Sprout Social offers comprehensive analytics. It even aggregates data from all of your social networking sites. Clients may now get sophisticated reporting through a consolidated platform.

Perform competitor research

Are you concerned about your Facebook competitors? Do you want to discover what other mid-sized businesses in your industry are doing on social media?


The solution is competitive analysis.


If you own a small business, you'll need all the help you can get. Sprout Social can let you assess how well your competitors do on their different social channels. You should also utilize it to identify new growth prospects.

Inform your own social media strategy with data

Using the useful input offered by Sprout Social's reporting tools; create your own data-backed social media plan.


This simplifies the presentation of your strategy to marketing teams, customer service departments, stakeholders, clients, and other important people of your business.


Data from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Pinterest may be compiled.

Social media listening tools

Sprout Social Listening Products are similar to its analytics tools. Social Listening, on the other hand, delves deeper into your data to advise you on how to enhance your online reputation.


It informs you of what others think of your brand. It notifies you of the types of conversations your customers are having about your company on social media.


For example, you'll see all of the relevant terms and hashtags that your followers use when discussing your items. This offers you a better idea of how people see you. It may even identify the most influential people who follow your social media accounts. You may try to turn these people into brand advocates.


Listening Tools may also be used to find out what people think about your competition.

It is entirely up to you how you use the data provided by the Sprout Social Listening Tools. It has the potential to improve your social media management skills.

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Sprout Social features

So, what capabilities does this social media management tool provide? Sprout Social provides a slew of features that make it an appealing buy.


Social engagement

Sprout Social's social interaction is built around a feature-rich social inbox. However, it goes well beyond a simple social inbox and is significantly more usable than some other applications' "social streams."

Here's an overview of everything you receive to assist you in engaging on social media:


  • Smart inbox - This is what allows you to respond to messages from all of your social media sites from a one spot. Smart Inbox is one of the most useful features of Sprout Social.
  • Message spike notifications – Notifies you when the quantity of messages you get suddenly increases, which might be an indicator of an impending time-sensitive issue.
  • Review management – A function that allows you to check through your Google My Business, Trip Advisor, and Facebook reviews in order to improve your social media profile.
  • Bot builder — Have you considered having chatbots answer client questions? Then, using the Sprout Social Bot Builder, write tailored replies in response to your followers' messages.
  • Task assignment- enables you to allocate work to many individuals. It's an excellent approach to boost productivity in your social media teams.
  • Message tagging – Managing all of the messages you get across all of your social media accounts may be tough. Message Tagging, on the other hand, allows you to categories and sort communications.
  • Social CRM- enables you to retrieve prior discussions you've had with a follower for future reference.
  • Reports from the team — do you want to discover how successfully your team manages all incoming messages? Team Reports provide information on how quickly your team responds to messaging.

Help desk integration – You can create, track, and handle support issues from inside Sprout Social using Zendesk or Hub Spot.

Scheduling and publishing

What role does Sprout Social play in scheduling and publishing? Here's a list of all the tools available to you for posting posts:


  • Scheduling – To save time, queue up your posts for publication. This is applicable to all social networks linked to your Sprout Social account.
  • Optimal send times – As previously said, you can rely on Sprout Social's algorithms to find the best times to post your material. This function guarantees that you only post material during peak hours for your audience.
  • Asset repository — All of your assets are housed in a single spot. You can create, organize, modify, and publish them for all of your social posts from here.
  • Content recommendations – Use this function to get ideas for future entries. Sprout Social will search social media platforms for the most relevant and interesting material for you.
  • Workflows for message approval – The quality of your posts must be constant. Having an approval procedure implies that all post recommendations are sent via the correct channels for evaluation before being published, reducing the possibility of an oversight.
  • Message tagging – Once again, you may group and tag messages to make it easier to discover them when you need them.
  • Shared content calendar – This is a fantastic feature for teamwork. You may use a content calendar to organize your company's articles and campaigns, which everyone on your team can see and access.
  • URL tracking – You may add tracking pixels to your posts and use Google Analytics to measure your progress. This tells you how many of your articles are converting.


Analytics and reporting

The reporting and analytics functionality, like all of the other features of Sprout Social, is vast.

Here are the things you may expect in terms of analytics and social media reports:


  • Report builder – You may create bespoke reports based on the social media data that is most important to you.
  • Extra insights – Sprout Social provides you with access to hundreds of additional data across owned and paid media, allowing you to better understand your ROI.
  • Interactive charts and graphs – By include charts and graphs, you can make your reports more accessible and engaging.
  • Selectable metrics – You may choose which metrics to include in reports to ensure that they are in accordance with your company's aims.
  • Advanced filtering – You may emphasize the social metrics that are most important to you by filtering tags, content, and message type.
  • Custom comparison – A feature allows you to compare and contrast data depending on a time period you specify. This is a terrific function to utilize, especially if you're curious about how much better your social media performance was the previous year.

Social media listening tool

Dedicated social media monitoring solutions are typically best suited for social listening. Sprout Social, on the other hand, is unique. Their social listening feature is fantastic. Here's a list of things you can do with it:


  • Audience research- enables you to understand what sort of material your followers enjoy, allowing you to make modifications as you go.
  • Customer feedback – This displays conversations about your brand that your followers are having. Use this to find out what other people think of you.
  • Consumer research – A fantastic function that allows you to have a deeper knowledge of your target population. Obtain information such as your target audience's age, location, devices, and other demographic information.
  • Influencer identification – Determine which of your brand's greatest influencers and thought leaders are following you.
  • Sentiment analysis – Gain insight into your customers' sentiments and thoughts about your company.
  • Campaign analysis – Astound your bosses by creating reports that clearly indicate how your target demographic interacts to your social media marketing efforts.
  • Competitor comparison – With this tool, you may learn about your competitor's social media strategy. You may use this to determine what you need to do to your own campaign to make it more effective.
  • Identification of trends – Take a look at your following and see what topics they're interested in. You may adjust your content calendar to provide your audience with exactly what they want to see on your social media pages.


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Sprout Social pricing


The major question is how much does Sprout Social cost?


There are a total of three plans. There are three plans available: Standard, Professional, and Advanced.

Plan breakdown

The Standard plan, which is the entry-level membership, costs $99 per person each month. It contains the majority of the necessary tools. However, bear in mind that it only comes with 5 social profiles.


The Professional plan is $149 per user per month and includes up to ten social accounts. It includes everything that the Standard plan does. However, you also receive extra services such as competition reports for Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. You may also tailor your processes to include numerous approvers and phases.


Finally, the advanced plan is $249 per user every month. It includes everything in the Professional plan, as well as extras like the digital asset and content library. You'll also have access to chatbot functionality and automatic link tracking.

Sprout Social vs. Agorapulse pricing

Did you notice how the cost for Sprout Social is stated as "per user per month"?


That's correct. At the absolute least, you're shelling out $99 for a single user. Here's why that's an issue. As a collaborative tool, Sprout Social shines. Working with other members of your team accounts for a large portion of its characteristics.


Are you prepared to pay hundreds of dollars every month on something as simple as a social networking tool?


Perhaps you are. After all, the features included with Sprout Social are excellent. However, this may not be the best answer for small enterprises or solopreneurs.

When compared to one of Sprout Social's competitors, Agorapulse, whose plans start at $79 per month (paid yearly) and provide access to two users and ten social profiles. Premium, the next level up, costs $159 per month (also invoiced annually) and includes 25 social accounts and 4 users.

Agorapulse and Sprout Social both provide a 30-day free trial.


So, certainly, we can argue that Sprout Social's price isn't as competitive as some of its competitors. You'd have to assess whether the features of Sprout Social are worth the cost for your organization.


Sprout Social pros and cons


Here are some of the reasons why we think Sprout Social is good, as well as some areas where we believe this social networking platform can improve.




  • The entire platform is really well-thought-out and provides an excellent user experience.
  • There are no half-measures with Sprout Social's platform.
  • Post tagging facilitates the management of your social media material.
  • Post scheduling (through content calendar) is quite simple.
  • Reporting and analytics provide a plethora of information as well as valuable insights.
  • The social listening function is as good as a specialist social listening tool, yet it is less expensive.
  • It is simple to collaborate with your team thanks to team workflow.
  • The customer service is outstanding.
  • Support is offered through a variety of ways.


  • It has a high price tag, which makes it difficult to market to new enterprises.
  • If you have a large staff that requires access to the tool, it might quickly become prohibitively expensive.
  • There is a little learning curve. To fully benefit on all of Sprout Social's features and user experience, you'll need to utilize the accessible learning resources.


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Sprout Social is a wonderful alternative for larger firms who have the funds for it and can take advantage of all of the product's capabilities.


After all, it boasts one of the most comprehensive feature sets of any social media platform available.


Smaller businesses, on the other hand, may not find it feasible to pay at least $99 a month for each person who requires access to it.


Sprout Social Frequently Asked Questions


Is Sprout Social a genuine company?

Yes. Sprout Social is a well-known social media management platform that lives up to its consumers' expectations.


How much does Sprout Social cost?

Standard, the most inexpensive option, costs $99 per user per month. The Professional plan is $149 per user per month while the advanced plan is $249 per user per month.


How does Sprout Social function?

Sprout Social is a one-stop shop for social media management that includes posting, interaction, analytics, and social listening. You can make and schedule social media postings, react to comments via a social inbox, generate reports, and do other things.

What are the distinctions between Hootsuite and Sprout Social?

Fundamentally, both provide comparable functions. There are various qualities that distinguish one platform from the other. There are also price disparities. Sprout Social is a better option than Hootsuite in our opinion.


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