How To Use Canva For Your E-commerce Business


What is Canva?

If you're unfamiliar with Canva, let me give you a quick introduction.

Canva is a free online graphic design tool that allows you to quickly create a variety of corporate and personal visuals. You don't need to download anything, and it runs online, so it won't put a strain on your machine (something that is a problem with Photoshop).

Canva makes it simple to design images since it has two features that we appreciate. The first is a wide selection of pre-set sizes, such as an Instagram post, a Facebook cover, and a Pinterest image. The other is a collection of templates you may use. More importantly, you may change, modify, and utilize it as inspiration.

Free or Paid?

Canva comes in two versions: free and Canva For Work (also known as Canva Pro), a premium membership. The premium program costs $12.95 per month, with a 30-day free trial and the option to cancel at any time.

In our perspective, there are a few aspects that make the premium version worthwhile to consider. The option to keep your brand colors and fonts in a brand kit is at the top of the list. In fact, you can save a number of color palettes, which is quite beneficial for those of us who have many blogs. You may also add fonts to your designs by importing them.

Another advantage of the premium version is something called Magic Resize. Assume you create a cover and want to utilize the basic image as the basis for an Instagram post. Or perhaps you have a Facebook page banner and want to convert it to a Canva LinkedIn banner without having to create a new picture. To modify the size, utilize magic resize, which will also adapt most of the graphic components. It may require some changing and rearranging, but it saves a significant amount of time.

Finally, you may categorize your photos and designs using folders. This is an extremely handy feature if you have many blogs, like we do. Even so, you may organize all of your social media photographs, another for LinkedIn, and so on, making it quick and easy to identify and modify the proper design.


How to use Canva – the basics

When you first look at how to use Canva, there are a few things to get the hang of, but if you've ever attempted to learn Photoshop from scratch, you'll notice that it's far easier to pick up. The first thing you need know is what size image you want — you may select from pre-set sizes or utilize custom measurements if you want something particular.

Then, do you want to utilize a template or just start assembling things on a blank canvas? Canva templates are easily customizable, with pieces that may be removed or added. Alternatively, you may begin by selecting from the menu on the left side, which contains components, text, and background, uploads, and folders.

There's also a search box that allows you to look for terms inside each area.



Elements contain things such as:


·         Photos (free and paid)

·         Grids to add photos

·         Shapes

·         Graphs & charts

·         Lines

·         Frames

·         Illustrations

·         Icons

It also categorizes elements into categories like antique, food, business, and seasonal to help you obtain ideas if you're not sure what you want. There are Canva free elements and premium elements, with different permissions depending on whether you wish to use them for personal or business purposes.

Canva has also stated that all of their stock pictures will now be available for free to Pro customers. Previously, some needed a purchase to use, while others were free. The Pro subscription now includes access to all of their 40 million+ stock pictures. And there are a variety of great photographs to choose from!



Uploading images

You may import your own elements, photos, and resources in addition to accessing a variety of free elements, images, and resources. So, if you have stock pictures, photographs, or other materials on your hard drive that you wish to utilize in your designs, you can import them into Canva and use them in your creations.



Adding Text

There are also a variety of fonts to choose from, with more being introduced on a regular basis. We adore fonts and have to fight the urge to go overboard with them, but there are also plenty of strong, solid fonts to select from that will look great in designs.

You may add text boxes, which, if you have the premium version, will use the fonts and sizes you've specified in your brand kit. There are additional font combinations that you may adjust and change to meet your own requirements.

In 2021, there were plenty of new text effects, including shadows and unusual effects like neon. In addition, curved text was added late in the year. This is intelligent enough to create totally circular text, which was one of Canva's shortcomings.


Importing colors.

You can utilize an image's Hex code in Canva if you know it. So, if you want your text to be a certain shade of green for which you have the code, click the rainbow button, paste the Hex code into the box, and Canva will apply this to everything you've selected: text, shape, lines, and so on. It then keeps that code in the picture palette, so you may apply it to other design components as you go.

Editing and filters

You may also alter the image and apply filters to it. This is a terrific technique to make stock photographs stand out while also branding your images with a specific filter. When you are in an image, the top menu bar contains four options: filter, modify, crop, and flip. You can use a filter to apply those effects, tweak to change the image's appearance, crop to trim it, and flip to, well, flip it.

Downloading the design

Once you've finished your design and are satisfied with it, you may download it and use it as you see fit. There are a few options beneath the right top corner menu, one of which is download. You may also consider animating the picture based on what it is — this is a really simple function but a useful one with a few options for making a simple quotation or word graphic into something a bit more fascinating.


How to use Canva for Social Media and more

When it comes to generating Instagram posts, there are two major pre-set templates to choose from: one for a post and one for an IG storey.

The post template is a regular 1:1 ratio, 1080 x 1080 pixels in this example. This makes it a great size for Instagram, as well as for cross-posting to Pinterest. The width of the Story template is 1080 pixels, but it is higher at 1920 pixels.

Aside from Instagram, there are a variety of additional social media themes available for usage. These are some examples:

·         Facebook post, story, app and cover

·         General social media

·         WhatsApp Story

·         Twitter Post and header

·         Tumblr graphic

·         YouTube thumbnail, channel

·         LinkedIn banner

Of course, you are not required to use these only for the purposes specified. You may use the pre-set size to produce a picture to put in a post that is likewise roughly the size of a Facebook post.


What else can you come up with?

Canva isn't just for creating social media content; there are templates for every category.

One of our favorites is their infographic section. We've attempted to create infographic in the past, but it was simply too difficult. However, using Canva templates, it is simple to choose a design that contains the fundamentals you want and then modify it to fit what you want.

A basic A4 document, presentation slides, letters and letterheads, resumes, reports, and note templates are all included in the documents area. You may also design a visually appealing invoice that can be downloaded and printed.

And with any of them, after you've created your template, you can change the details and reuse it, saving you a lot of time.


Personal use

Many will use Canva for business, but there are also many designs and options available for personal usage. In the Events area, for example, you may create birthday or wedding invites, personalized Christmas cards, announcements, or event programs.

One notion we appreciate is the variety of planners accessible- once again, you can alter and adjust to fit your needs, so there's no reason why you couldn't have the perfect planner if you can't find one in the shops.

You can also begin designing printouts in Canva for opt-in freebies. You may also use the options to create a calendar, picture book, or scrapbook.


Other characteristics

Learning how to make graphics using Canva is perhaps the most important thing you will accomplish when you first start using the application, but they also provide assistance with this.

Canva offers its own design studio that you can access from within the app and features a variety of tutorials. They show you how to use Canva, how to make the most of its capabilities, how to practice your design talents, and even how to boost your confidence as a designer.

The Color Palette Generator in Canva is a different tool. You may submit a photo and it will generate a palette of five colours from it to assist you in creating. So, if you have a picture and want to make a graphic out of it, this is the tool to use to guarantee you obtain the proper hues.

Finally, Canva has its own blog with ideas and inspiration for designers of all skill levels. It is suitable for Canva users ranging from beginners to experienced designers and is well worth a look.



The appropriate design solution

We know that Photoshop users claim that Canva lacks a slew of functionality that the Adobe software does. But that's OK for those of us who don't have the time or motivation to learn Photoshop.

Canva allows you to create high-quality graphics for your blog or company, solve problems around the house with its personal features, and master the fundamentals of graphic design. That is acceptable to everyone!


Canva is ideal if you are a part-time e-commerce entrepreneur, a one-man show, or even operate a home-based business. Canva is ideal for you. To utilise the design tool, no design abilities are necessary. We'll show you how to make stunning photos for your online business. Here are some ideas to help you expand your e-commerce business into a unique brand in the industry.


#1 A header that is the perfect size

Because your company's identity is crucial, it is critical that you show it accurately on your website. Your current logo text is most likely a certain size. Your logo may not be the correct size for your header when you submit it. To acquire the precise size you desire for your header, use the custom measurements function.

Upload your logo or header and resize it to match the canvas size you picked.

Download the completed image in png or jpg file and post it to your online store.

You may also utilize the text function to include your company's promises.


#2 Attention-grabbing sliding banners

The usage of sliding banners is a frequent feature in most online storefronts. This is typically utilized to draw the attention of visitors to shop promotions or product highlights. The initial step is to determine the banner's size. If you're confused about the proportions, start with a 2:1 ratio.

A resolution of 600 x 300px, for example, is a suitable starting point. Create your own canvas size by using the custom dimension function. Upload any photos you want to use for the banner. If you don't have any photos, you may browse Pixabay's gallery of high-resolution photographs. It is completely free to use. Text should be added to the image, and a "buy now" button should be added using a call-to-action button generator.

#3 Product photo presentation that is consistent

Having your product photo display uniform in terms of size and ratio can greatly improve the professional appearance of your site. However, your product photographs may not be the same size or ratio. Here's how you can utilize Canva to remedy the situation. First, you must determine the dimension's ratio. If your product photographs include models (fashion industry), consider using a portrait dimension (Example: 300x800px) For the majority of items, a 1:1 ratio will enough. (For instance, 400x400px)

Upload your product photographs and resize them to fit the dimensions you've specified.

Tips: Duplicating a page is simple by clicking on the "copy page" icon on the right.


#4 Create eye-catching social media graphics.

Canva is particularly useful because it includes a plethora of pre-made designs for usage on social networking. The first step is to decide on a design style. This might be the social media site you're looking for. If you want to generate graphics for a Facebook post, for example, you may select the Facebook post design type.

The picture dimension has already been pre-set to the most appropriate size for that specific social networking platform. If you're stuck for design ideas, start with the Canva layouts in the left menu. It is simple to modify.

Tip: Use social media management tools to schedule posts ahead of time.


#5 Email subject lines

Email should play a significant role in your conversion strategy. At times, a plain text email might be tedious. Beautiful email headers may be used to liven up your email newsletters. Select the email header design type, and then begin using the pre-made Canva layouts.


#6 Flyers

Canva is more than simply a tool for producing graphics for internet usage. You may also create offline marketing materials like posters and pamphlets. Use EasyStore's discount code generator to create a discount code that you can use in your flyers. To promote repeat purchases, include fliers with each box.


#7 Business card

Yes, you can use Canva to create your business cards. Simply select the business card design type and begin with the pre-made designs. You may customize the colors and fonts to match your company's appearance. If you've been putting off your aspirations of operating a professional Ecommerce business because you lack design abilities, there's no longer an excuse. Anyone can become a professional designer with Canva.

Start creating a lovely online store right away!


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