A Detailed Guide to Creating Sales Funnels in Just a Few Taps

 In the digital marketing sector, a high-converting sales funnel may transform a small start-up into a multi-million-dollar marketing engine.


If you want to quickly take your business from zero to hero, you must first understand what a sales funnel is and how it works.


Read the whole blog to learn how to create sales funnels that convert website visitors into paying clients.

1.   What is a sales funnel?

Why do certain organization's so easily get to the top while others stagnate?

It all boils down to sales funnels, which are marketing terms describe the process potential buyers take before purchasing your items.

The goal of a sales funnel is to increase internet visitors to your website, generate qualified leads, and convert prospects into paying customers.

Understanding your sales funnel is critical since it allows you to discover areas where the funnel isn't working properly and where you can improve.

For example, perhaps a large number of browsers leave the website on a specific page due to anything on that page that does not resonate with your niche.


Because your sales funnel drives visitors down a route that leads to the purchase of your product or service, it makes sense to optimize it as much as possible.


Marketing begins with a huge pool of interest at the top, which should eventually filter down to buyer action at the bottom.



So, let's go on a sales funnel tour!

2. Breaking down the basic sales funnel

There are several steps in a sales funnel — the top, middle, and the bottom:

Top of the funnel- The first step is all about driving traffic to your website and getting as many people as possible to join your sales funnels and become aware of what you have to offer.

Middle of the funnel- The second step involves generating leads so that potential consumers may discover how you can address their problems.

Bottom of the funnel- In the last step, you will have a small group of qualified and educated clients who are eager to make a purchase.

You'll create relationships with your potential clients as they progress through the sales funnel, and they'll become more aware of how the items and services you're selling may help with their pain areas

Any company owner understands the agony of barely missing a sale - when, after weeks of presentations and demos, banter and charm, the prospect exits the sales funnel without purchasing the offer you've made.

These things happen, but they happen far less frequently when you have an effective and high-converting sales funnel.


Let's take a brief look at how a sales funnel works in a real-world shop:

  • ·         People at the top of the sales funnel pass through your establishment.
  • ·         Some of them opt to walk in – this is the funnel's next stage.
  • ·         A consumer sees a rack of discount T-shirts and thumbs through the rack – they've progressed to the next stage of the funnel.
  • ·         The buyer selects a T-shirt and proceeds to the payment point, where they will complete their purchase and reach the bottom of your sales funnel.


While some visitors never leave the top of the funnel, others make a purchase at the conclusion – and streamlining the process means more sales!

As a marketer, you have a lot of say over how many people and what kind of individuals are more likely to get to the bottom of the funnel.

The basic principle of a sales funnel is that you want your lead to become a client, and you want to deliver material that will benefit them.


To do this, you must map out your clients' journeys – determine which content is attracting your consumers so that you can optimize it for additional leads.

But why are we using a sales funnel for this purpose?

There is a vast pool of consumers in any market that will exhibit interest in your business and interact with your online firm's social media sites.

However, have you ever observed that the number of individuals that connect with your content much outnumbers your consumer base?

Let's have a look at how a sales funnel looks and functions:

There are a lot of possibilities at the top of the funnel waiting to get a solution to their problem – not everyone will be seeking for a solution, but those who are will fall lower down the funnel.

They obtain more knowledge and become more educated about the difficulty they encounter in the center of the funnel.

After they've been informed, some will determine that your product is the greatest fit for their needs, while others will look for alternatives.

This leaves you with a small group of qualified and informed clients who understand what they're purchasing and why they're purchasing it.

A sales funnel has four fundamental steps (awareness, interest, decision, and action), however every firm is different, and some sales funnels incorporate more stages to funnel a consumer.

Knowing these steps is useful, but you must use them in the context of your business to create the ideal funnel

Let's go through the three steps of a simple sales funnel in depth.

2.1. The top — Awareness & opportunity

Customers being aware of their problem and your brand is the initial stage of any effective sales funnel.

Your prospects are at the awareness and discovery stage of their sales journey at this time, and your business objectives include advertising to a target audience, creating brand awareness, and building attraction to prospects.

Wherever there is demand, there is supply – and opportunity.

To acquire the correct leads, you must first research what your target audience looks for in your specialized market.


This is where essential lead nurturing occurs, and it operates as follows:


  • The individual recognizes an issue that they are experiencing.
  • They begin looking for solutions.
  • They grow more aware of their problem and choices as they seek.
  • Then they begin looking for a way to solve the situation.

All of these prospects are seeking for answers to their issues.


They're devoting time to making a difference in their lives, no matter how big or little the problem, and they'll have questions.


Your leads will now be able to articulate their problem but will be unable to solve it — here is where you step in by providing them with the appropriate material.


Modern customers are astute, and they go through a wide range of available material across several websites before proceeding to the next stage.


You want to provide the lead with instructional information that will assist them in solving their problem and will lead them to purchase your items.


It will direct leads to the answers that are important to them.

To enhance your chances of pushing leads down the funnel and into your sales pit, optimize your website and provide high-quality content!


The purpose of lead nurturing is to capture your prospects' involvement from the top of the funnel all the way to the bottom – this means that when your prospects are ready to buy, they will select your company.



Positive interactions with buyers are formed through lead nurturing efforts ranging from email subscription sign-ups to free trials.

Having said that, assuming everything goes as planned, you should now have a handful of leads ready to be routed.

2.2. The middle — Find solutions

You've created the leads already in your database in the middle-funnel stage – you've got their attention, but now you want their engagement!


This second step of a sales funnel takes knowledgeable leads and allows you to demonstrate your product as their answer - this is why the middle stage is the most critical component of creating an efficient sales funnel.

Your middle funnel marketing objectives should contain the following:


  • Educating your prospects about your offers helps move them from the awareness phase to the decision phase.
  • Nurturing leads and guiding them to make purchases
  • Creating an emotional bond with your prospects.

Only roughly 6% of marketers regarded their content marketing as extremely effective, indicating that the majority of marketers require better strategies to improve their funnels.

Your prospects in the middle are seeking for a product that can meet their individual demands.

This is why, like top-funnel content, lead nurturing is a key goal of middle funnel content.

However, because your leads have previously shown an interest, you have an edge.


While top-funnel content focuses on establishing brand-prospect relationships, the middle-funnel is where those ties are strengthened.

Your middle-funnel audience can be divided into two categories:


  • Existing consumers who should be urged to continue purchasing goods or services from your online store
  • New top-funnel leads that you want to convert into customers.
Your aim with both groups is to encourage them to select your company.

This is the stage at which decisions are made and content begins to matter — and the inquiries your leads ask will no longer be generic.


Your leads' queries will be geared on locating the goods, services, and companies that they believe are the best fit for their requirements.

As much as a sales funnel is about the client, you don't want to end up with a lead that isn't beneficial to your business.


Capturing leads with qualifying questions can assist you in eliminating those who do not require as much attention as leads trying to convert.


Speaking of conversion, now is the time to begin evaluating your conversion rates to ensure that your web traffic is performing as it should - if you have a lot of clicks but no conversion, something is wrong.

At this point in your funnel, you should begin including material like as product comparisons, webinars, case studies, and customized video content.


This step is critical in the funnel since leads will either go into or out of the funnel dependent on the quality of your content.


Offer quality mid-funnel content to identify your business and make a lasting impression if you want to maintain your top leads and ready for sales.

2.3. The bottom — Time to make some sales!


Your leads are now qualified and ready to make a decision after you've ensured that all of the material you've supplied thus far is valuable, instructive, and beneficial to your audience.

During the funnel's last stage, leads will begin asking vendor-driven inquiries in order to select the firm that can cater to their unique demands, solve their problem, and fit their budget.

Bundle deals, discounts, promotional offers, or money-back guarantees can all be used to catch and reel in leads.

You can essentially assure your sale by ensuring that you are offering the greatest bargain among your competition.

This is not to say that you should ignore competitive pricing, but rather that you should seek out a sales approach that identifies your brand.

Other strategies to guarantee that your content is still pushing leads to buy into your product are to include FAQs, video demos, or feature comparisons amongst in-house products.

This is a terrific approach to ensure that your leads are aware of your company's possibilities, and it will make the proposal and negotiation processes go more smoothly.


You should also optimize your website to incorporate the following elements:


  • A simple and easy-to-navigate checkout method
  • A trust mark indicating that your website is secure.
  • The original price is shown first, followed by the reduced price.
  • A customer service offer
  • A list of the products in the shopping cart

Once the specifics are finalized, you have a sale (and a new customer)!


Upselling is something to think about after the sale.

Upselling is a sales tactic in which a salesperson invites a consumer to purchase a higher-end (typically more costly) product than the one in issue.

Promoting an iPhone 12 to a consumer wishing to upgrade from an iPhone 11 is an example of this.

Upselling should not be confused with cross-selling, which is the act of selling add-ons to an existing product (something like Air Pods or an Apple Watch to accompany their new iPhone 12)


But how does this relate to your product?


So, by combining these strategies, you may provide exclusivity to your consumers without having to spend for extra marketing channels.

Other benefits of upselling and cross-selling include increased revenues, client loyalty, and customer lifetime value.


It also enables for balanced growth between old and new consumers, which is advantageous because selling to an existing customer is easier than selling to a new one.

3. The top 3 high-converting sales funnels

Now that you understand how a sales funnel works, it's time to go inside the heads of successful companies to learn how they do it.

We've chosen three companies that most people are familiar with:

  • Apple (electronics)
  • Netflix (streaming services)
  • The Dollar Shave Club (personal services)

Let's not spend any time and get straight into how you can create a sales funnel worth millions and capable of earning much more!

3.1. Apple’s sales funnel


To encourage hundreds of people to camp outside their shop for days simply to buy the latest product, Apple has a superb marketing staff – and their content marketing is no exception


Apple does not have to be concerned about brand recognition.


But why is this the case?


It's simple: they prioritize the consumer over the product.


Let's take a look at how Apple's sales channels work:


3.1.1. The top of the funnel


  • This is the Apple Watch landing page.
  • Unsurprisingly, the first item you see is a watch.
  • However, observe how they gently include the word "you" into their sales dialogue – they are aware that the item on their customers' thoughts is how to solve their own problem.
  • Apple promotes "the future of health" and turns something that is difficult to attain into an easy win — "Just wear it on your wrist."
  • When you visit their website, you will see that their sales dialogue is limited to one major advantage and one focused-on product — implying that their watch section concentrates just on watches and does not include their phones.


3.1.2. The middle of the funnel


  • Apple prioritizes design by keeping it simple and informative.
  • There will be no page that is clogged with material and difficult to browse.
  • They market the ease of use of their product before even converting the lead (though we know that their leads show up as willing customers)
  • Their choice of language is brief and straightforward.
  • They exhibit their goods with beauty and refinement, and they don't need many words to do so – with a very basic design.
  • Doing a lot with a little is one of their primary tactics that sets them apart from other businesses.


3.1.3.  The bottom of the funnel


  • They already give a promotion prior to the upsell — and they don't force it on you; they merely mention it.
  • Their choice of promotion is also unconventional.
  • They request a "trade-in" to make your new buy more affordable.
  • Their checkout process is streamlined, and we're all accustomed with their packaging – in other words, it never disappoints.

Have you converted the prospect?

Don't stop there, though!

Apple is always upgrading its services, connecting with its consumers, and providing value and exclusivity.

Furthermore, they have a clever technique of upselling and cross-selling their items even after the user has purchased their primary gadget.


3.2. Netflix’s sales funnel


Netflix has some pretty remarkable numbers to back up its claim as one of the most well-known corporations in the world.

3.2.1. The top of the funnel

When you get to the main page of Netflix, the sales funnel begins – "Watch anywhere. "Cancel at any moment." is the slogan, and it works remarkably well.


Netflix educates the lead on what their product is from the start, and is confident enough to ensure that the user may quit at any time if they want to.

This is unusual and not normally the first thing a firm offers – by giving their leads the opportunity to cancel simply, they reduce the concern clients have of subscribing for an expensive subscription.


They also play it smart by stating the perks of utilizing Netflix, such as "enjoy on your television," "download episodes to watch offline," and "watch everywhere."

In addition, they have a FAQ section at the bottom of each page.


Netflix sells their popularity, but they still want to deliver their powerful brand image to its protagonists.


They have a fantastic deal with no risks.


3.2.2. The middle of the funnel


Instead of immediately directing you to the price page, Netflix wants to get to know you through their "create an account" introductory page - they want to put up a bespoke plan particularly for you.


As with the preceding example, most major firms prioritise their audience over their product.

This is due to the fact that they have enough faith in their product to know it works and can concentrate exclusively on generating a delighted consumer.


Instead than slamming costs in your face right once, Netflix makes certain that you understand how much their product is worth.

They emphasize the message on their landing page.

The website's minimalist design also helps to create a peaceful and uncluttered atmosphere - no distractions, just their goods and you.

3.2.3. The bottom of the funnel


The Netflix funnel allows prospects to easily move down the funnel, and they make their final sell in stages 2-3 of their membership page.

Here, they offer you the cost for the plans and cheekily choose the premium plan for you, implying that their premium membership is the finest.

After pressing the proceed button, you will be sent to the payment page. Inputting your information is quick and painless.

Netflix is also unusual in that they provide a customer service line throughout the whole process of setting up an account, creating trust in their clients.


3.3. The Dollar Shave Club’s sales funnel


This firm offers a novel and unusual approach to product promotion.

After seeing the Dollar Shave Club commercial, we couldn't resist but include this rapidly growing company in our sales funnel examples.

But how do they manage it?

3.3.1. The top of the funnel

As previously said, the initial stage of any funnel is for clients to become aware of their problem and your brand.

After viewing this commercial, you can see that they are highlighting your issue while advertising their products as the answer.

"Quit paying for shaving technology you don't need and stop forgetting to buy blades every month." Alejandro and I will transport them directly to you."

There may be a few more elements that might persuade you to buy their goods, but they aren't necessary. Their primary message is to sell you their goods, a shave subscription box. That's all there is to it.


3.3.2. The middle of the funnel

You've been sucked in by their great marketing effort.


You visit their website and discover that there is yet another primary focus on you, the client.


They can personalize their products to your needs by asking you to complete a quick survey about your shaving practice.

This enables for consumer differentiation to develop, but it doesn't end there.


When you take the questionnaire, they not only adapt a variety of their items to your specific demands, but they also put up a regimen for you to follow and give a price reduction.


The firm provides simple answers to a common problem.




They removed all of the bells and whistles that shaving businesses typically promote on, and they earned a fortune!

Dollar Shave Club (DSC) educates the client before presenting their product as a solution.

Setting your brand separate from the crowd is sometimes easier than you think.


3.3.3. The bottom of the funnel


While a colorful, engaging brand is wonderful for attracting leads, creating loyal customers requires a successful product.


The simplicity of the Dollar Shave Club is what sells it.


Their packaging is kept simple in order to highlight their product - men's shaving products.


Their packaging adds a touch of flare and elegance that is very appropriate for a men's hygiene box.

To further distinguish their product, they include short jokes on their packaging, developing a funny brand image.


Furthermore, the firm includes a magazine insert called "The Bathroom Minutes" with their monthly membership boxes; something small, free, and easy to keep DSC members in touch with the brand.


Their webpage is straightforward. Their product is straightforward. Their message is straightforward.


4.The 5 easy steps to create a sales funnel


This would not be a full instruction unless we also provided you with a template for creating your own sales funnel – so here are the 5 fundamental steps:

  • Analyze your customer's behavior – You want to sell your product to your audience, thus the better your sales funnel, the more efficiently you can promote to the proper audience.
  • Capture their attention – Attract those leads by ensuring that your audience is familiar with your brand, employing various sorts of promotional content, and providing them with useful information.
  • Create a quality landing page – Prospects in the early stages of your funnel want something to attract them to remain, therefore your landing page should seek to steer the lead towards purchasing your product (add some call-to-action buttons!).
  • Make efficient email marketing strategies — Provide fantastic content in your marketing emails, and be sure to email your consumers on a frequent (but not excessive) basis.
  • Thank your valued consumers — Don't forget about your existing clients; keep offering them discounts and including them into your social media marketing strategy.


5. Using systeme.io to build sales funnels

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The best thing is that you can trigger and automate your email sequence in any of your sales funnels after you've developed it.




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With these helpful features, you can easily design your website:


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6. Conclusion


Creating the ideal sales funnels may be a time-consuming and difficult endeavor.




But once you have it, you'll be able to simply outperform your competitors - and your sales funnels will continue to make you money!




Remember to take your time while creating a sales funnel - every organization is distinct and necessitates a greater emphasis on some phases than others.




Use the three examples in this post to help you build up a successful website to funnel consumers and drive prospects to a sale.




Make your life easier by using systeme.io as your all-in-one solution for creating the ideal sales funnel and a profitable online business!




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You have nothing to fear and everything to gain.

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